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Susan Kasey:

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Audrey Berniklau

December 5, 2012

Susan, your contact with me today made my day! I am so glad you found me on Facebook. I am your new best fan! Your voice is just amazing! You look amazing, too! You look just like you did in Jr. High! I am going to find out when you will be in concert in So.Cal. and where I can get your album! Love from Mrs. B

Sarah Winter

November 29, 2012

You are the bomb! Even though I just found out who you are!! You are sitting next to me right now lol. I will listen to some of your music now.

Jody holtrop

November 19, 2012

Love you....miss you

Hannah Heiar

June 16, 2012

Hey Susan,
I thought I would check out your music and it is wonderful! Keep up the good work!!

Hendrik Boonstra

October 2, 2011

Hi Susan!
Remember me? it`s your `little` cousin from Fryslân!
Check your webside,me and our cousin Jan Gosse have made for 20 years some music too!

Greetings Hendrik Boonstra


December 20, 2010

Looks Good Susan! Best of Luck to you!! Were here if you need us.. Dr, Cherukuri and her Team..

Penny McLeod

November 30, 2010

Wonderful i love it. My kinda music and what a voice!!hope Craig gets ahold of you.

Patty Hague

October 1, 2010

So great to get to meet and jam with you. Keep in touch, and we'll be watching your career unfold! Good luck! Maybe someday Red Lipstick can open for one of your concerts!

Georgie Girl

October 1, 2010 the songs and guitar playing....I also have a blue Ovation - just got in February, and I love it :) Keep doing what you are doing, and give this world lots of life thru music !!

Karen Wright

June 7, 2010

Susan: Thanks for being a guest on KMSU! It was great to meet you! You are an awesome lady with a beautiful voice. Keep on making music!

Karen Wright
Host of Minnesota Morning

kelly Coyle

May 20, 2010

Girl I just can't get over how amazing all this is! God bless you and your music!

Pam Foley

May 6, 2010

Susan, when Iam given a CD in a promotional packet I usually listen to it once then 'file' it away. Your voice got my attention! I love the CD and have listened to it over and over. It has found a place in my 'favorites' rotation. Proud to have you perform at South Main Events in Monticello, Ia on May 15th. Pam Foley

D. G. North Platte, NE

April 20, 2010

Thank you so much for the CD. What an awesome talent you have!


March 30, 2010

Hi Susan. I just love your music. You are one talented lady with a voice that is so powerful. Wishing all the best of luck in the business. You have worked hard for it, and deserve all the best. When can we expect CD number 2??????


February 27, 2010

Hey Susan,

Your CD ROCKS!! In The Meantime is my favorite! Glad I got the chance to meet you and come to know your music as well, I wish you much happiness and success! P.S. there are always choc chip cookies waiting for you!

Delbert & Karen Craig

February 10, 2010

Congratulations,Susan and the grammy goes to Susan Kasey...


February 10, 2010

Hey Susan,

I heard you on the Emerging Artists segment of Coast to Coast AM with George Noory February 7, 2010. You were wonderful!!! River of Love is an outstanding song; well written and well sung. Here's to seeing and hearing a lot more of you on the airwaves and on the concert circuit!!!